unCommon Sense

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Common sense doesn’t seem to be all that common anymore. Maybe it never was, or it left the building with Elvis.

Common Sense

Essentially common sense is sound judgment in practical matters. There are literally millions of YouTube videos documenting the lack of common sense in our world. Some of them funny, and some of them painful to watch. I’m sure ER doctors and nurses could tell us many stories of good times gone wrong, often involving adults on skateboards or trampolines. A little bit of common sense would have saved a world of hurt.

In our next sermon series at North Pointe, we will be looking through the New Testament book of James. Throughout this short book, we are given practical lessons to help us live fulfilling lives and avoid pitfalls like temptation or talking when we should be listening.

unCommon Sense

The kind of sense that James (and Jesus!) wants to help us hear, understand and live out in our everyday lives is quite uncommon, but I want it to become common at North Pointe. Over the next nine weeks, we will look into the wisdom contained in James and apply it directly to our lives today. I know you will walk away changed in a very positive way if you take this uncommon sense seriously.

So today, pick up your Bible (or app!) and start by reading James 1. Re-read it each day for the next week, letting the truth bombs sink deep into your psyche. Then move on to James 2 the next week. In five weeks I guarantee you will be changed as you prayerfully and practically let God speak to you through the wisdom of this hard-hitting book.

May this be your most restful summer ever. And may it also be the summer where you are shaped by God’s Word like you never have been before. You will be glad you did.

Just be careful out there. Think twice before you become the next YouTube sensation for all the wrong reasons!


Pastor Michael

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