The Romans Road

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Sometimes the simplest truths are the ones that we need to be reminded of the most. In our AWAKENED series we are looking at some of the issues we need to be mindful of…and there is none more important that the Gospel. In a world of anxiety and turmoil, the Good News brings great joy to all people. A Messiah has been born! (Luke 2:9-11).
And this Good News needs to be spread to others.
So what is the Good News? The Apostle Paul lays it out in a nutshell in the book of Romans. It has been known as the Romans Road, and it is one that has been, and continues to be, well travelled by people all over the world.
Who needs salvation? Everyone. (Romans 3:10-12; 23)
Why do we need salvation? The Penalty is death. (Romans 6:23)
How God provides salvation-Death of Jesus. (Romans 5:8)
How do we receive salvation? Through faith in Jesus. (Romans 10:9-10; 13)
The results of Salvation. Peace and unity with God. (Romans 5:1; 8:1)
If you haven’t learned how to share the basic Good News that causes great joy, start by walking down the Romans Road. It is the journey of a lifetime!

Mike Voll

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