The Eyes of a Child

By December 11, 2012 No Comments

Life through the eyes of a child is awesome. Sunday night I got to sit beside my granddaughter Quinn (18 months) as we experienced the Singing Christmas Tree together. She was enthralled and I had fun watching her.
When the Tree lights exploded in colour and the orchestra launched into their first piece and the projection screens came alive with the faces of the choir, Quinn had no idea where to look first. Back and forth from screen to platform to screen, taking it all in. When Michelle Buchynski sang, Quinn sang along with her. When Mannie Fonte led the choir and orchestra with his baton, she followed along with her hand. When the dancing Santas came down the aisles, she was boogieing with them. Quinn applauded the beautiful ballerina long before anyone else joined in. She had SO much fun. She sincerely appreciated what she was experiencing.
She was living life without being self-conscious. Quinn had no idea if others thought she was acting immaturely, or childishly. She was genuinely living and enjoying the moment. O to see Christmas and Christ with the eyes of a child this year.

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