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This morning a friend in our congregation reached out to me on Facebook and shared a video with me. I have a lot of people who share videos with me, some more appropriate than others…

The Video

Sometimes I watch and sometimes I don’t. Work has a way of getting in the way-meetings, phone calls and other pressing concerns that need attention. I’m glad I watched the video in my inbox today. I’ll include a link at the bottom (you’ll want to watch!)

The video is about a man who had his life impacted by a cleaner in the hospital. He was suffering from COVID-19, and a cleaner in the hospital took time to encourage him. The cleaner prayed for him and was an answer to his prayers. By the end of the video, I was weeping. Sometimes I am so emotional it’s embarrassing.

You Are the Answer to Someone’s Prayer

It made me think of the ways that people have encouraged our family since life changed for all of us in mid-March. We have been sent notes, given gift cards, had groceries anonymously delivered and even a box of Dairy Queen Dilly Bars left on our porch! All of these kindnesses, including emails, FB messages, and texts have given us lift on the difficult days.

As a pastor, I get to listen to people’s concerns, encourage them through tough times and pray for them when they are out of words. It is an honour, and something I wouldn’t ever trade. But we are all given the responsibility to reach out. All of us can be messengers of hope and helping hands. All of us are sent to share the love of Jesus with those around us.

This weekend is Easter, the most important weekend in the Christian calendar. It is when we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection-the foundation for our faith and the reason we are able to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Make This Weekend Count!

Don’t let this weekend slip past without taking the time to do a few things:

-Call someone who you have been thinking about. When they share how they are doing, ask if you can pray for them. If they are open, pray right then and there on the phone. Your boldness will grow and someone will be encouraged!

-Invite someone to view our Easter Sunday Services. You will find promotional materials on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NorthPointeYEG/Consider hosting a watch party on Facebook.

-Buy a small gift to drop off at someone’s home the next time you need to go grocery shopping. This is a good way to have fun…Place the gift on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and run! You’ll feel like a teenager again!

-Write a note and pop it in the mail. Handwritten notes always make me smile. Make sure to include something you are thankful for about the person you are writing to.

-Pray for open hearts to the Good News of Jesus during this Easter season. The most important decision a person can ever make is to follow Jesus.

Here is the link for the video. Enjoy!


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