Read Any Good Books Lately?

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Read any good books lately?
The Bible is the most unique book in history.
No brag, just fact.
It was the first book in history to be mass published and distributed.
No other book has been attacked as much in history. It has been banned, and burned and yet it continues to flourish.
It contains 66 books that address the most important issues in life and is characterized by conformity not contradictions.
It was written by forty individuals, over three continents, in three languages, across over 1,600 years and yet it has a uniformity that defies logic.
If just 10 people today were picked who were from the same place, born around the same time, spoke the same language, and made about the same amount of money, and were asked to write on just one controversial subject, they would have trouble agreeing with each other. Check out the editorials from ten major newspapers today.
The Bible’s writers come from all walks of life. Some were fishermen; some were politicians. Others were generals or kings, shepherds or historians. They wrote on hundreds of controversial subjects yet they wrote with agreement and harmony. They wrote in dungeons, in temples, on beaches, and on hillsides, during peacetime and during war. Yet their words sound like they came from the same source. So even though 10 people today couldn’t write on one controversial subject and agree, God picked 40 different people to write the Bible—and it stands the test of time.
Have you read it…recently and frequently?
We’ve put together a 5x5x5 summer reading plan. Five minutes per day over five days of reading with two days of reflection in five different ways.
See the whole plan here.
Will you pick up the challenge and join me by getting into the Bible?
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