Growing up in Zimbabwe, in a struggling family of nine, she never dreamed she would find herself living in the land of snow and the red maple leaf.

Many of Patricia’s friends died of AIDS.  Except for the grace of God she could have been one of them. “Girls end up getting into prostitution trying to make ends meet in Africa. Some end up getting married just to have a roof over their heads. Many end up in abusive relationships”

Patricia lost her eldest sister to domestic violence.

Homeless, Hopeless and Hungry

She experienced what its like to be homeless, hopeless, hungry and not know where her next meal would come from. “I know how it is when no family member can afford to send you to school.”

“In 1990, I got pregnant at the age of 18 and due to a lack of support from the father of my child, l had to find a job in order to support us. The prospects of getting a job in Zimbabwe were very slim, so I moved to South Africa with friends for employment. While there, I was pressured to marry a South African so I could have the security of a house and provisions. I am thankful that I resisted – each of my friends died of AIDS.”

“I prayed earnestly that God will lead me to greener pastures. I knew I had to finance my siblings’ education. How gracious of God to allow me to come to Canada in 2001. I met my husband in 2002.”

Giving Back

Patricia was a World Vision sponsored child. A generous Canadian supported Patricia during her formative years, for which she is ever grateful. She always wondered what Canada was like. She knew it as the land with something called ”snow” and the flag with a red leaf.

“Since I started attending North Pointe in 2004, my walk with God has never been better. I trace back my foot steps and marvel at the mercies and blessings God has given me. He opened doors that l had never dreamed possible.”

Patricia considers herself the most privileged in her family. She feels obligated to help, not only her family but the less privileged as well. My wish is to give back and help young girls like me, when I was hopeless.”

The Vinyard Of Virtues and Mercy Foundation

“The education system of Zimbabwe only focuses on academics. Most parents try to get their children to finish high school. If they fail it’s the end of the road for them. I believe they are a lot of trades that a woman can do to earn a living.”

Girls find themselves having no where to turn after high school.

Patricia is working to make a difference. She needs you to help make a change.

She has land, permits and educators ready for the “Virtues and Mercy Foundation.”

Now she needs the funding.

You can get in the ground floor of a change worth making.

APPLICATION: Patricia will be hosting an evening of food, music and a silent auction at North Pointe on Saturday September 13, 2018 at 6:00pm to raise resources for the Training Centre. $30 each.

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  • Glo Mwa says:

    Patricia….you go girl! Isn’t God just a faithful God? I can empathize and picture your story and how you got to where you are today is truly God’s grace. Having had a rough year, and reached a peak where I questioned if God exists, it’s stories like yours that God reminds us that HE is there, He is the Rose of Shalom,Jehovah Jireh and our Ebenezer. May he continue to bless you as you continue to be a blessing unto others.

  • Erica Dunichand says:

    Oh my gosh Patricia! I had no idea what you and your story and your dream/vision were all about! I had no idea about this stuff pertaining to you! You are such an amazing person (woman)! You are such a blessing and an inspiration to all of us! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us and thank you Pastor Bob for putting all of this together in words. Patricia, you and your dreams/plans will be in my prayers always and if you ever need help with anything, just let me know.
    Big hugs, love & blessings always,

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