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Reach Up and Touch Someone

If you survived the 80’s you will remember the emotional AT&T phone commercials that encouraged viewers to “Reach out and touch someone.” It was a reminder to pick up the phone and connect with friends and family on a regular basis, the cost and effort required was worth it in the end. In my relationship with the Lord I have been reminded that I need to take the time and effort to connect with Him, because ultimately it is worth the effort. This has been confirmed time and again as I have drawn strength from my dialogue with God about my fears, hopes, dreams and disappointments. Isaiah 40:31 says “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength;…
Michael Voll
February 1, 2011

Children Reach

“Reach” is a verb…an action word. It requires some degree of effort. Imagine a plate of freshly baked yummy chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the table. The smell is tantalizing. They are still warm so the chocolate chips are melted. Mmmmm! Anyone can reach out and help themselves to a cookie or two.  Some might even crawl right up on the table to get to the treat.  No problem at all! Now the plate is empty and a little dirty. Who wants to put it in the dishwasher?  A different kind of effort is needed to wash that plate and put it away.  How does that play out at your house? When we are enticed by something wonderful,…
Jones Bob
January 30, 2011


What is God saying to us for 2011? The question implies that we at North Pointe believe God not only knows us, but communicates direction to us.  That is profound, but not audacious. We believe God is saying to us, "REACH." The words of Acts 17:27 paint a picture of a God who orchestrates circumstances and context to motivate you to seek him and "REACH out for Him" and find Him. In so doing He communicates that He is not some distant, disinterested, deity, but that He is within REACH. God is closer to you than you can imagine. We chose this image to represent our theme because it speaks of REACHING. Of moving from what is known and experienced…
Jones Bob
January 10, 2011