Hope is found in the smallest of Christmas miracles.

A baby.

In a manger.

Wrapped in strips torn from a coat.

A mother wrapped in wonder.

Under a single star.

God with us.

The wise still seek Him, bringing the gift of their life.

Praying for you – joy, courage, and health.

Merry Christmas and peace to you, your family and friends, today and in the New Year.

With love,

Pastor Bob, Jocelyn and the ministry staff of North Pointe.


  • Gary Myers says:

    Merry Christmas Bob and family and to all at North Pointe

  • Cynthia , Malini and Mykayla Victor says:

    Merry Christmas to North Pointe ministry staff. We love you and your ministry. Bless you all abundantly <3

  • Wes Irwin says:

    Very Merry Christmas to Bob and Jocelyn, and ALL the rest of the excellent staff at North Pointe Community Church.

  • Carole Schlachta says:

    Thank you, Pastor Bob and Jocelyn.
    Have a blessed Christmas too.
    I love seeing the pictures of your Grandchildren.
    Grandchildren are so precious.
    I look at yours and mine and I feel very old.
    Josh is 28 and David is 25. Ouch.

  • Bob Jones says:

    Merry Christmas you Carole! Enjoy your grandkids at any age. Blessings of health to you in 2018.

  • Bob Jones says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Cathy and your family! Your leadership and friendship are so appreciated.

  • Bob Jones says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you, Cynthia. Thank you for connecting and commenting. Its always appreciated. God bless you in 2018!

  • Bob Jones says:

    It was great seeing you this year at NP. I always appreciate your engagement with our PoV posts all the way from BC. Merry Christmas to you and all the best to your family in 2018.

  • Gina Abrantes says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Pastor Bob. Thank you for a beautiful Service and all you and Northpointe have done for our family.
    May the Lord bless you..

  • Bob Jones says:

    You are welcome Gina. I was thinking of you today and all that you and your family are going through. Reaching out to comment is a strong quality of your character. God bless you.

  • Amanda Abrantes says:

    Merry Christmas. Thank you for all of the hope and happiness North pointe provided my dad over the years and thank you all for creating such a welcoming and warm place. I am working on my spiritual journey and Northpointe has provided me with hope. Thank you

  • Bob Jones says:

    When you shared with us, we were inspired to know that your dad found North Pointe to be a place where he was happy. He trusted Jesus. I’m glad you have that same trust in Jesus. He will faithfully sustain you. God bless.

  • Marc Desgagne says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Bob. Pray that you and your family will have a blessed New Year.

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