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It is incredible how much time I have spent in front of a camera lately. Believe me, it isn’t what I had in mind a few months ago. Now it’s second nature, whether it’s for my sermon on Sunday, daily devotionals or for just about every meeting I have via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Technology and the Church

While televangelism has never been a goal of mine, it seems that I have become a televangelist overnight. I am thankful that we have the technology to reach people through live streams and social media. It would be very difficult to stay on the same page as a congregation without these powerful tools at our fingertips. But there is so much more to being “the church” than watching a Sunday gathering.

As the days have turned into weeks and now over a month, we need to look beyond watching a service or receiving content from any number of sources. I am concerned that we will become increasingly consumeristic as a church body. It’s easy to care more about our comfort and preference, rather than being a body that reaches out to others with the love and grace of Jesus.

Being the Church in Crisis

We may have to distance ourselves physically, but this is a perfect opportunity to become more connected than ever to our friends, neighbours, relatives and co-workers. Last week Melissa bought pasta sauce from a local restaurant, and we distributed them in the neighbourhood with an encouraging note. Our phone rang off the hook with thankful neighbours who were touched by the simple gesture. I also want to encourage you to make at least one phone call a day to someone who you have been thinking of. There is power in your voice and in your words.

This is a time when we can tangibly share the message of Jesus as well. People who would normally never come to a church building for an Alpha group now have the opportunity to ask questions about Christianity from their homes. We are running Alpha online right now and would love you to join us! If you have been following Jesus for decades or if you are not even sure if you believe in God, the Alpha Course will get you thinking.

Would you consider signing up for Alpha and then inviting some of your friends to learn with you? Click here for more details and to sign up. You will be glad you did!

Also, on Sundays, rather than just watching the service online, why not host a Watch Party? This is a way that you can connect with friends ‘virtually’ and maybe even go beyond the normal “so…how about the weather…” conversations we are prone to have. If you aren’t sure how to host a Watch Party, I have included a link to a video below.

I am so thankful for our North Pointe family. During this time I have seen your servanthood, generosity and love at work in creative and powerful ways. Keep it up!

How to Host a Facebook Watch Party


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