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One of the most elusive pursuits in the world is contentment. It always seems to be just beyond our reach.

When we get the car of our dreams, we realize that the leather seats are a bit too hot in the summer. “I guess we should have got the cooling option…”

Finally, the house we have been waiting for becomes a reality after years of saving. Once we move in we realize that it just doesn’t look right with our old furniture. “Time to go shopping…”

After raising kids and planning what to do with the extra time we will have as empty nesters we realize that life isn’t nearly as fun without a bit of the buzz. “If only grandkids were on the horizon soon…”

We have all been there. We seem to have the need to strive for more, but too much is never enough.

A Learning Curve

Contentment is not natural.

The apostle Paul reminds his listeners in Philippians 4:11 that contentment is learned. He had to learn it, and I suspect that it was something he was learning until he drew his last breath. Certainly, it is something I am learning, and thankfully God is a patient, yet a persistent teacher.

Real Blessing

This Sunday we are going to be continuing on in our series called Fake News.

We are going to uncover the lie that tells us if we follow and obey Jesus we will be ble$$ed. Yes, the spelling of ble$$ed was on purpose, as there is a growing group of people that believe prosperity is the mark of a blessed life. I know that the Bible teaches us so much more.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday. Make sure to ask someone to join you. It just may be their first step towards true contentment.

Have a blessed day.

Pastor Michael

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