It’s Time to Renew!

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Summertime in Alberta is very special.

After months of cold weather and staying indoors, everything and everyone comes alive. Days are long and the nights are warm (especially if you are able to sit around a fire with friends!).


Many things are put on pause during the months of July and August so we can squeeze the most fun out of the season.

Sometimes it seems that we even put our relationship with God on pause.

We don’t do this on purpose, it just happens. We slide into a rhythm of camping, vacationing or staycationing. Then we forget to keep up disciplines that we put in place throughout the year. Bible reading, prayer and being encouraged by other believers becomes a distant memory.


Is it any wonder that we often come back from holidays in need of a holiday?

I have spent a week on the beach and felt more tired than when I started the week.

Here’s the secret that the Bible has revealed for everyone as plain as day: “Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength (Isaiah 40:31).”

We renew our strength when we wait, hope, and trust in the Lord.

Taking time at the beach, laying in a hammock or reading a great novel are fantastic things to do in the summer. It’s even fun to take the kids to K Days or take in one of the many festivals in our awesome city.


The only way to start September with strength is by prioritizing your relationship with God during July and August. We were made for relationship with God, even in the summer. So when you wake, take time to read the Bible and pray. Pray with your children before bed, even if it’s a little bit later than usual. And curl up with a good Christian book and feed your soul at some point.

Start September renewed! Enjoy the summer while it’s here!

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