He is Risen!

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There is nothing quite like finishing a task that you have had on your to-do list for a long time. Until you complete it, there is always a weight on your shoulders. No matter what you do there is a nagging feeling that there are other things that must be accomplished. I take great pleasure in putting a checkmark beside that task. Done. It’s off my plate. Now on to other important things.

Last Words: It is Finished

In the last four weeks, we have been talking about the last words of Jesus from the cross. This Friday we’ll dig deeper into Jesus final words from the cross.

These aren’t words of defeat. Instead, they were a cry of victory. All that Jesus set out to do on earth was fully accomplished.

Jesus came to give his life as a ransom for the sins of the world. And on the cross, he did just that. His cry of victory from the cross echoes through the centuries so that we, too can cry out in celebration that we have been forgiven. We can have new life, if only we accept it.

First Words: He is Risen!

Because of this death did not have the final say. Jesus rose on the third day. He conquered the grave. He was not only revived like a flatlined patient shocked back to life, but he was resurrected, with a new, eternal body.

And that is the hope that we have too. Death does not have the final say. We can be resurrected to new life because Jesus was resurrected. The cross was the payment and the resurrection is the receipt that the payment for our sins was fully accepted.

Make sure to invite someone to one of our services this weekend. Jesus has come to give real hope, new life and lasting purpose to everyone in the world. Including those closest to you.

He is Risen!

Happy Easter!

Pastor Michael


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