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This week we are starting a new series called “generoUS.” We will be talking about a few of the many ways that we can be generous, and I’ll be zeroing in on how we can be generous with our time on Sunday.

Time is Precious

Time is our most precious commodity, as it is not renewable. If you make a poor investment or buy something you regret, you can always make that money back. However, when you waste time, you will never get it back. It’s gone.


That is probably why people most of us would rather buy the whole box of chocolate almonds that our child has to sell for their sports team than have to sell them door to door over the course of a few evenings. And, who are we kidding, those chocolate almonds are awesome! To be inconvenienced for a few hours is frustrating. Time is money! Plus we have to check Facebook and post our starts about all the almonds we have to sell…


We may very well be busy, but we wear busyness like a badge honour. The more busy we are, the more important we are. And yet, when I look at the life of Jesus, the most important person that ever walked the face of the earth, busyness does not come to mind. He had a lot to do, but he certainly wasn’t hurried.

Jesus always made time for the most important things, like spending time in prayer to his Father (Mark 1:35). The more demands he faced, the more time he spent with God. I wonder if we would be able to be more generous with our time if we gave more time to God each day?

The Power of “NO” for a Powerful “Yes”

At times Jesus said no (Mark 1:37-38). There were many people that Jesus did not heal. Many that he did not comfort. He had a mission, and he fulfilled that mission, in large part, because of the things he did NOT do. Is there something you should NOT do so you can accomplish what you OUGHT to do? Remember, not every urgent need is yours to attend to.

Our investment of time is absolutely key to fulfilling God’s design for our lives. I am thankful for the people who have invested their time into me through counsel, teaching and correcting me in seasons when I needed it most. And you can be one of those people who is generous with your time, expertise and talents. When you are, you make a tangible difference.

At North Pointe, we aim to bring people to a place of Real Hope, New Life, and Lasting Purpose through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We can only do this through MANY people (like you!) offering their time generously. If you aren’t currently involved, would you consider how you might be in the near future? It just might be the TIME of your life.

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