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Money. We all need it, and most of us don’t seem to have enough of it. One person said, “I have enough money to retire comfortably…as long as I die by Tuesday.” Another person quipped, “The only exercise I’ve done this month is running out of money.”

There is a universal need for money. It’s how we feed, clothe and shelter ourselves. Without it, life can get pretty bleak in a hurry.

Who Owns You?

Jesus knows that we need money. He had bills, food to buy and taxes to pay (see Matthew 17:24-27). In fact, Jesus mentioned money a lot in his parables and teaching. He talked about things that were important to people.

However, Jesus also knew that money had a very sneaky way of becoming the sole reason for existence. It can quickly become a slave master, stealing freedom from its unwitting victims in a heartbeat. And Jesus doesn’t want us to be in slavery to anything or anyone, his desire is for us to be free (Galatians 5:1). The tighter we grip money, the tighter its grip is on us.

The antidote to being a slave to money?


Generosity Chips Away at Greed

When we let go of our unhealthy obsession with money, it loses its power over us. In a generous person, money becomes a tool for good and blessing rather than being the reason for their existence. Their mood is not determined by their bottom line, it is determined by their trust in God. Jesus is their Provider.

In an encounter with a rich man who had everything he ever wanted but still felt something was missing, Jesus got to the heart of the matter in a hurry. “Sell all you have and come follow me (Matthew 19:21).”

Jesus didn’t command this of all of his followers, but He obviously knew the unhealthy obsession this man had with his money and possessions. Although this man did everything he could to follow God, this was one step too far. Money was not something he was willing to let go of. That required more trust than he was willing to give.

So he walked away sad. Brokenhearted. Full of grief.

Generosity Brings Joy

I wonder how often our lives have been filled with sorrow rather than joy because we were holding on to the little we have, instead of trusting God to take care of us and to allow Him to flow through us?

I am thankful for the tremendous generosity that the people of North Pointe demonstrate. You give, serve, and use your things to help others. Let’s keep this spirit of generosity going! Let’s trust God and take him at his word that we reap what we sow. So let’s sow generously. 15 people will be baptized tomorrow. Your generosity on so many fronts has made this possible!

If you haven’t been very generous with your cash, or feel like you cannot be, start small. Start with something. The results will surprise you. God has a way of honouring our obedient steps towards doing the right thing.

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