generoUS in our Reach

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So much is out of our reach.

As little kids we went on tiptoes in an effort to grab a cookie off the counter and as adolescents, we may have struggled to reach the top of the volleyball or basketball net. As a guy of very average height, there are still things that I can’t reach in my home without the effort of a step stool.

Reaching for an object is one thing, reaching an objective is another thing entirely.

Big Plans

Too often we believe the lie that because we can’t make wholesale political or economic changes or cure world hunger by ourselves, that there really isn’t much of value that IS in our reach.

That is simply not true.

We often get so focused on what we can’t do, that we forget what we can do.

And what we should do.

What Jesus commands us to do.

Jesus didn’t have a lot of patience for people who refused to stand up for those who needed an advocate or lift a finger to help those who needed a hand. Inactivity is still an activity. It is a choice. You can choose to do the right thing or you can choose to do nothing. Choose wisely.

Small Steps

Instead of feeling powerless about what you think you cannot change, look around. Be prayerful and open to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Open your eyes to the people you may have overlooked.

Open your ears to the conversations in your workplace.

Open your heart to be moved with compassion.

Open your hands to do something.

Who is in your reach? Who can you impact positively by pausing for a brief conversation, a text of encouragement, a few hours of help on a project?

Jesus generously reached out to you and me. So pass it on to others.

True community, change, and joy generally starts by reaching or stepping out. So many people need your reach now.

This is something we all can do. Don’t miss out on the joy that generosity brings.

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