Follow Through

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Follow-through is a powerful thing.

Big Plans, No Results

There are many people who make grandiose plans or set lofty goals. They look really good on paper, but they would look even better in reality. If these plans and goals were completed who knows how the course of history would be altered?

Anyone involved in sports knows that the power is in the follow-through. Whether that is shooting a puck, throwing a football or swinging a bat or golf club, the follow-through is vital to success.

The same holds true with our faith.

Faith That Finishes

Faith comes from hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). One of the main ways that we hear the voice of God is through the Bible. God has spoken and still speaks through the Bible. This is the first step, hearing.

However, in order for our faith to be living and produce fruit, we need to actually do what God wants us to do. It’s one thing to hear what God wants us to do, it’s another thing to do it. So the second step is to take action and do what it says.

I want to encourage you to read the Bible on a daily basis. As a church, we have a daily Bible reading plan. Click here to access it. As you read, ask yourself a few questions:

What was being said to the original hearers?

What is being said to me today?

Then for the hard part.

Just Do It!

The third question is, “In light of this word from God, What do I need to do?”

This is the follow-through.

Do what it says. That step of obedience will make all the difference in your life. Your faith will come alive, and you will grow.

And you just might experience more power, love, and peace in your life than you ever have before.

I hope to see you on Sunday as we explore the unCommon Sense found in the book of James. I’m praying this will be a summer of growth for you!

Pastor Michael

One Comment

  • Melissa says:

    I absolutely love and heed these words of wisdom. Reading the bible and choosing to allow The Lord to change me by my simple act of obedience (not always getting it right, but doing it anyway) by just saying Yes has more than changed my life. I’ve been set free!! I used to get bogged down by life’s challenges, now even in hard times, I long to see the good God will bring in each situation.
    May The Lord turn His face towards and shine upon all those who read His word and apply it.

    Many blessings,

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