Feasting, Food Banks, and Fasting

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020, a time when we were supposed to be driving hover-mobiles, living to age 150, and even sending our laundry to be done for us by robots. I guess predictions aren’t always to be trusted!

Make a Change

Whatever the case may be, a new year is here, and each day is a chance for you to make a positive difference in this world, whether in a big way or in many small ways. Either way, it all starts with one step.

Christmas is a time of feasting, with turkey dinners and all sorts of tempting sweets at every turn. However, as we know, for many families, it is difficult to make rent, let alone pay for groceries. In the month of December, as we were preparing for the arrival of Jesus at Christmas, we did a “Reverse Advent.” We encouraged our church family to put an item in a box for the food bank each day and return it to the church right around Christmas Eve.


We were happily overwhelmed by the response.

So was the Edmonton Food Bank.

When they arrived to pick up the items, they had to come back for a second trip with a bigger truck. We donated 1142 kgs of food to the Edmonton Food Bank. They let us know that we were one of the largest contributors to the food bank over the Christmas Season. Wow! What a privilege to help!

Getting Hungry

Feasting. Food Banks. And Fasting. This week we have been going through a week of prayer at the church. Each night we are meeting from 6:30-7:30 pm (you still have Friday and Saturday-check it out!). One of the principles of prayer is to take seasons/times to fast or give up something in order to focus on God and for his hand to move on our behalf. We can choose to abstain from eating a meal or two, or give up social media or maybe even coffee (gasp!) in order to realize our need for God, and dependence on him. There is nothing like giving up coffee to know you need prayer!

I am believing for great things for 2020. We have an awesome church family who feast, fast and even contributes to the Food Bank.

May God continue to guide us, give us favour in the community, and help us to go to those who need Jesus’ love the most.


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