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Katelyn is 13 years old, lives in St Albert, Alberta, plays soccer and loves Jesus.

She has beautiful blond hair and the prettiest smile in the world.

An Emergency Room

Katelyn, or as her St Albert Impact soccer teammates know her, “Kate,” was in Calgary for a weekend shopping trip with her mom and sister. On the Friday evening Kate wasn’t feeling very well. When the discomfort persisted into the early morning hours her mom, Amanda, drove Kate to an emergency ward for attention.

Mom suspected that Kate had a severe case of the flu. She was floored when doctors informed her, “Your daughter has leukemia.”


The room spun.

Cancer and Chemo

The very sound of the word was devastating. The whole world changed in an instant.

She heard, “It’s good for Kate that we diagnosed this early. We can begin treatment right away.”

Overnight, Kate went from a competitive soccer player to a fearless cancer fighter. She was given her first round of chemo and then released from hospital to return home for extended treatment at the Stollery Children’s Hospital.Katelyn2


Parents with kids fighting cancer become overnight internet experts on the particular diagnosis. Because leukemia is a disease of the blood it’s a cancer that has a high cure rate. Amanda felt the rising storm within her calm a bit.

Then, doctors discovered that Kate has a rare form of leukemia.

Amanda called me to ask for prayer for Kate.

“Is it OK if I come over to your home?”

Parents, Pastors, and Beef Jerky

Pastors get invited in to some intensely personal moments in a family’s life.

Our youth pastor, Jeremy Gifford, and I headed to the Murray’s home. We stopped in at Booster Juice. Kate’s favorite drink is a “Himalayan Twist.” It’s not on the regular menu – a special drink for a special girl.

Amanda said the chemo treatments have given Kate a craving for “beef” so we picked up some Beef Jerky as well.

I collect Coke memorabilia from all over the world. A truck made from a Coke can was calling Kate’s name. It has a cyan-colored stick shift – perfect for a girl whose favorite color is cyan.

Our graphic artist designed a greeting card especially for Kate. A cyan-colored gift bag with cyan-colored filler made our get-well gift complete.2016-02-29 09.11.07


God is Good

Kate was snuggled up in a blanket on a couch in the livingroom. She welcomed us with a smile.

She said the Twist tasted pretty good. The jerky would wait for another day. Who knew that trucks – especially ones with a cyan-colored stickshift – were Kate’s favorite vehicle?

Her family, including her Grampa and the family’s dogs gathered round for prayer.

“Dear Jesus, your blood was shed so Katelyn’s blood could be made whole. Bring grace, mercy and healing in your name into Kate’s body.”

Kately chemo

Left to right – Don, Lauren, Amanda, Ethan, Katelyn Murray


Kate has weathered numerous chemo treatments and platelet transfusions resulting in nausea, discomfort, temporary shutdown of her kidneys and extended stays in the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

She’s still smilin’.

North Pointe’s word for 2016 was “Fearless” – a word perfect for Kate.

She’s trusting Jesus for a complete healing.


Sunday April 24th Kate was baptized at North Pointe.

She’s serious about her Christian faith. It’s important to her that God would use her life for His glory.  She shared in her testimony video,

“Since I have been diagnosed with a rare type of leukemia I started to think, ‘This is for sure how God wants to use my life.’ I trust God completely, especially with my leukemia. Because I know He is in control of the whole situation and He will keep me safe.”Katelyn baptism rich

An Inspiration To Everyone

Katelyn was the featured speaker at the Beaded Journey Gala at the Fairmont Hotel in Edmonton on March 10, 2017 .

Global’s Gord Steinke, host of the affair, said that Katelyn “is an inspiration to everyone.”

True in every way – she shines brighter than a star.

Katelyn at the Lemonade Stand organized by Sydney and Taylor Woodworth

Katelyn at the Lemonade Stand organized by Sydney and Taylor Woodworth

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APPLICATION: Please pray for Kate and share her story. Leave a comment for her. Thank you.

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  • Cynthia Victor says:

    You are such a beautiful girl Kate. We stay strong in your faith that our Lord Jesus has the power to heal and he loves to heal. You are precious in HIS sight. You are a shining star bringing hope and strength. Stay “Fearless” HE is with you.Hugs

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