Last week we started a sermon series at North Pointe called “Any Last Words?” It is focused on the last words of Jesus as he was hanging on the cross.

Words Are Powerful

One can learn a lot about a person by their last words. We hear what was most important to them, as well as their hopes and regrets. These words reveal what they want to be remembered for and pass on to others who will live on.

Jesus last words are very counter-intuitive. There are so many things that he says that are surprising, even shocking. However, when we get to know Jesus we begin to understand that his last words were a culmination of everything he taught in his ministry on earth.

This Sunday we will look into Luke 23:34 where Jesus calls out, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Stop to consider that Jesus is saying this to people who have spat on him, beaten him, hurled insults his way, and then crucified him.


Even when the crowds were at their worst, Jesus saw them in the best light. He was thinking the best about them, and he thinks the best about you, too.

Use Your Words Wisely

Maybe this is hard for you to believe. Throughout your life you have had people think the worst about your intentions, actions, and words. Maybe you are the type of person who gives mercy to yourself but asks for justice to be meted out for everyone else.

Regardless of your story, Jesus wants to show us his great love and have us extend that to everyone around us.

I think the world could use a lot more love and forgiveness. And I suspect that you could too.

See you on Sunday. Ask someone to join you. Use your words to make a difference in a friends life. They just might begin to experience real hope, new life and lasting purpose in Jesus.


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  • Melissa says:

    Amen Pastor Mike. Your message was very insightful this past Sunday. Just as Jesus redefined His relationship with Mary, we must do the same with Jesus, turning it into a more intimate one. Love The Lord your God above all, Surrender, obey and love those around you. Great lessons form a great Pastor.
    Thanks again Pastor Mike

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