Building a Legacy

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It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they put their heads together.

In the Clouds

My knees were shaking on the viewing deck Empire State Building in New York. My mind raced as I wondered “Is this old building safe?” This question was quickly followed by, “How could it withstand the punishment of wind, rain, snow and even an airplane crash for over 89 years?” Amazing. Or consider the pyramids of Egypt or the Mayan ruins…the ingenuity of people to create and build is mind-blowing for me, a non-engineer.

In the book of Genesis, we are told about a tower that was being constructed out of bricks and mortar (chapter 11). This was quite likely the worlds first skyscraper, a majestic building with aspirations to touch the heavens, or at least to get high enough to have a pretty awesome view. People have their plans, but God his own. The people wanted to make a name for themselves with the tower (sounds eerily familiar today), but God knew that their intentions were evil. They just wanted to do their own thing, and live in disobedience to God, who had commanded them to fill the earth (Genesis 9:1). Instead, they all decided to hang out together.

The Downside of Unity

What is interesting is that when these people came together with a common language and a common purpose (build a tower), they were very efficient and very productive. In fact, even God realized that nothing was impossible if people put their heads together (Genesis 11:6).

So God confused their language and the project stopped.

Unfortunately, many times when people put their heads together, the results can be catastrophic. Selfishness, pride, and hatred often fuel our dreams. A lot of terrible things like war, genocide, and business devoid of ethics results in a lot of harm.

But there is Hope.

There is MORE.

Because of Jesus and his work on the cross, we can be cleansed of our sin. We can be made new. Transformed. And then we bring transformation to the world around us.

The Upside of Unity

Jesus wants us as his followers to be unified, of one purpose, and filled with the Spirit. And when we come together in that Spirit, we can do the world immeasurable good.

Because people have come together in the power of the Holy Spirit, hospitals and orphanages have been built, clean water has been sourced, solutions for malnutrition have been generated and new technologies have been developed to microfinance sustainable business around the world.

Think about what good could happen if we as a church were unified, with one voice? Think about what we could do if we set aside our differences and preferences to impact our city and nation for the good?

I am thankful that North Pointe has a solid reputation in the community for making a tangible difference through our programs and presence. Let’s keep up the good work, and believe for more in the coming days, weeks and months. When we are unified, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. Let’s be a church that builds a legacy of love around the world rather than building a tower to ourselves.

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