Bringing Hope One Person at a Time

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 In the last week, our home has been buzzing with the excitement of labeling new school supplies, resetting sleep schedules and determining what clothing we need to buy for the coming year (kids grow so much!). 

Hope in Zimbabwe

In Canada, we have a lot of freedoms we take for granted. One of those freedoms is a quality education from kindergarten through grade 12. This is not the case in many countries around the world. But through the generosity of North Pointe, this is slowly changing. In Zimbabwe, a country with political and economic instability, your giving is bringing stability to families and children.

As a church, we are a supporter of the Village of Hope. At the Village, kids receive a fantastic education, nutritious meals and for many orphans, a home and family to love and care for them. Last year we gave over $25,000 to the Village of Hope, and many others in our church directly support a child at the VOH through ChildCare Plus. Our partnership makes a difference.

This Sunday, Pastor Zowa from the Village of Hope shares with us the final message in our unCommon Sense series called “Powerful Prayers.” Pastor Zowa and the dedicated staff at the Village of Hope understand the power of prayer! 

Hope in Edmonton

We bring hope to kids in Zimbabwe, but we are also sponsoring Nora as she makes her home in Edmonton shortly. Nora is an Iraqi Christian living as a refugee in Jordan. Through a connection with Steve and Patti Hertzog, our global workers in Eurasia, we are sponsoring her to come to Canada. As a result, she’ll have an opportunity she would never have in Jordan.

We can help Nora get settled in our neighborhood. We as a church family are supplying her with home furnishings. On Sunday you will receive a list of items she needs to get started. Don’t wait or hesitate…donate! We want to bless her with new or very gently used items to get her started here in Canada. Let’s make this happen!

In short, North Pointe has an awesome track record of generosity…let’s keep it going! We can make a difference and bring hope to people in our neighborhood and around the world!

See you on Sunday!

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