Should Christians be Held to a Higher Standard?

By August 1, 2013 One Comment

jumpRecently, a local service provider, operating out of a church, abruptly went out of business. The clients felt they weren’t given enough advance notice to adequately prepare for the change. One person reacted by saying, ““They are a Christian facility. I’m not religious, but shouldn’t they be treating people better than this?”

Should Christians be held to a higher standard of behaviour than any one else?

Seems reasonable.
Christians are supposed to be like Jesus.
Jesus lived at the highest ethical and moral standard known.
Therefore Christians should be held to the highest standard.

Is that a bad thing?

In a society that is becoming increasingly rude, crude and lewd, couldn’t one measure of the reality of God’s grace through Jesus be the behaviour distinctiveness of His followers?

QUESTION: What do you think?

One Comment

  • Gary Myers says:

    We Christians should hold ourselves to a higher standard. Jesus set that standard in the Sermon on the Mount. Yet we cannot ever be ‘like’ Jesus, as in imitation, we can only approach that standard by letting Jesus live through us.
    In a CBC show called “The Angel of Hong Kong”, Jackie Pullinger explained how she preached Jesus for years to the desperate people of the old walled city – with no results. Finally, she realized that she had to stop preaching Jesus and start ‘being’ Jesus. Soon she had a vibrant church in the middle of the worst slum in the world.

    It is only when we let Jesus work through us and remove our ‘self’ from His way that we can approach His standard. When we fail to reach His standard it is a sign to us that there is still some ‘self’ that has to be dealt with.

    I have recently come to realize that we are responsible for manifesting God’s character every single moment of the day, in every situation. That’s glorifying God! If we can do that 24/7 – no standard is too high!

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