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Screenshot 2015-10-19 13.06.06I have a confession…actually, three of them.

They relate to pastors of youth, like North Pointe’s Jeremy Gifford who is one of the finest pastors I know.

That’s not my confession…its my conviction.

Some people view the role of a youth pastor as a “stepping stone” to becoming a “real” pastor. Not me.

I served as a pastor of youth for ten years of my thirty-six year pastoral ministry. Those ten years were some of THE best years that I experienced as a pastor and I’ve had a lot of great years.

Read my 3 confessions here…

[I was asked to write this post as a Special Guest Blog on Youth Ministry Unleashed’s site hosted by Dr Ron Powell of Vanguard College ]

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One Comment

  • Ron Powell says:

    I wish every youth pastor could hear this from their lead pastor. Too often they live with uncertainty about their usefulness or effectiveness in their role.

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