2013 One Word

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Do you have your One Word for 2013?
My word is “Intrepid.” It means “resolutely courageous; fearless; daring; bold.” It picked me in December during preparation for the our focus at North Pointe.
Maybe a word has already risen to the surface for you. Or perhaps as you have prayed you developed a list of possibilities and aren’t sure which to choose. Or maybe you haven’t even begun to think about it yet.
Wherever you are in the process, here are some helpful things to consider when choosing your One Word:
1. Focus on being rather than doing. Pray about who the Lord wants you to be, and choose a word that will help you become that. Different than resolutions, your One Word isn’t a constant reminder of what you “should be doing”. Instead, it stands to inspire how you want to live.
2. Be authentic. Your word should reflect YOU, and no one else. It’s easy to listen to others’ words and then pick one that sounds good. But you want a word that’s uniquely what God wants for you.
3. Don’t over think it. It’s not rocket science, and there’s no wrong answer. Don’t analyze it to death! It’s not about whittling down a long list of potential words; it’s about identifying the word that keeps coming back to tug at your heart.
4. Your One Word is intended to be your guide, not your harsh standard. It’s not about doing more, but about being who you were created to be. Don’t miss the freedom in that.

A very nice woman named Melanie will create an image for you with your “word” if you email her at melanie@onlyabreath.com and tell her your word.

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